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The Top 11 Best Fragrances for Men (2022 Update)

A scent can be one of the greatest investments you make in yourself. With the right aroma donning your collar and wrists you feel like you can take on the world. No boardroom presentation, high-profile job interview or first date can wreck your nerves when you’re truly feeling good in your skin and about how you smell.

The right aroma can help you to emanate the message that you’re trying to communicate about yourself, be that anything from confident and charismatic to mysterious and profound, the right combination of fragrance notes is like a great smelling elixir that helps you do the talking without you saying a word.

Whilst this seems like an amazing perk, it’s no doubt that times are tough and finances are being squeezed with the cost of living rising. Due to the increasing price of just about everything, fragrance could be seen by many as a ‘nice to have’.

Despite that, the real world benefits that wearing a fragrance brings to your esteem makes it no doubt worth the investment. Whether that’s smashing all your work objectives, securing a job or ensuring that you get a second date.

As things are tight, we’ve compiled a list of men’s fragrances that are compiled based on being not only great smelling but also have great longevity, quality ingredients and top value for money.

So if you’re in the market for a new men’s fragrance but don’t want to spend too much of your surplus money, read on for the top 10 best fragrances for men.

Brilliant Value Eau de Parfum

CopyCat Fragrances – Executive (Aventus dupe)

Aventus is a pretty universal cologne, a reliable scent with mass appeal and a signature scent for so many. Considering all of this Aventus is effectively a deity of the fragrance world. However, then you see the price tag and you might feel a little woozy.

Whilst the original Aventus price tag might send your head spinning because of its dizzying heights, a fragrance that smells just like it for a fraction of the cost could be a better option for you.

Enter Executive from CopyCat Fragrances, which has that same fine fragrance of Aventus. The original has been perfectly imitated thanks to the inclusion of crisp green apple, juicy blackcurrant and succulent pineapple. Together these fruity notes give this otherwise masculine scent a sweet facet which makes it quite distinctive from other colognes for men.

This luxurious scent has its darker side, the earthy notes like oak moss arrive at your nose as the middle notes disappear and base notes enter to do their bit. They endure and give you a long lasting complex scent that will provide that wow factor with each inhalation of your aroma.

Executive is an extremely versatile fragrance which you will certainly get your money’s worth out of. Even better is that it shouldn’t be breaking budgets. So if you want a men’s cologne that ticks every box for quality, longevity, smell and value, Executive is an optimal choice.

Perfect if You Like a Scent with Woody Notes

Stronger With You – Emporio Armani

Men’s fragrances don’t come much more intriguing than Stronger With You from Emporio Armani. This is a dazzling cologne that will keep your admirers on their toes as it takes them through a warming journey that is a tasty delight to the nose.

Exotic cardamom, refreshing mint, sharp pink pepper and refreshing violet leaf make for a rather eclectic team of top notes. The heart notes of aromatic sage, relaxing lavender, spicy cinnamon, juicy pineapple and delectable melon combine to create an interesting middle to this fragrance’s journey.

The final layer of notes is made from an equally diverse selection of notes. Delicious vanilla, distinctive chestnut, mild cedar and smoky Guaiac Wood are compiled into one, creating a long lasting enjoyable scent that will last you all day and night.

Emporio Armani has a great reputation for delivering high quality designer fragrances that each have their own character and smell totally unique. This bold, exciting smell has the personality and warm notes that will enthral those around you and get you endless compliments.

If you’re looking for a personal fragrance that is welcoming, full of charisma and has the pleasant, spicy warmth of a Far Eastern breeze, Stronger With You could be the one you’re looking for.

Unisex Fragrance That Smells Great on Everyone

CopyCat Fragrances – 33 (Santal 33 dupe)

Santal 33 will go down in the perfumers’ history books as a game changer, a fragrance with humble origins which embraces classical simplicity.

This woody scent smells so good that it balances the analogical tightwire between masculine and feminine, everyone will smell fantastic wearing it.

The ’33’ in the name Santal 33 refers to the number of notes which are used to brew this functional fragrance that is beloved by so many. This versatility means that you could literally accessorise your outfit with it for any occasion, day or night, summer or winter.

Whilst this description so far might sound fantastic and you’re loading up your shopping cart with a bottle of Santal 33, you might want to take a look at that rather plump number that you’d need to part ways with to get one. Hmmn, if only there were a more modestly priced version of this. We read your mind.

Say hello to 33, a dupe from CopyCat Fragrances which perfectly encapsulates that sensational scent experience. 33 smells identical to Santal 33 but will only cost a fraction of the original’s price.

The enjoyable woody undertones, powdery iris and brooding musk notes help to imitate the iconic original with stunning accuracy. This is a great scent if you need an all-rounder, something that is versatile enough to be worn no matter the event or time of day. The reasonable cost means that you’ll also get amazing value out of a bottle of this top notch aroma.

Your New Signature Scent?

Calvin Klein – CK One

Fragrances like Calvin Klein Eternity and CK One have somewhat of a cult-like status. Scores of diehard fans still to this day swear by including a bottle of Calvin Klein in their fragrance wardrobe.

Some might argue that the light scent and Eau de Toilette formulation makes them a perfect, easy wear. They’re never likely to overpower or offend any noses and will provide the musky and fresh notes that make Calvin Klein fragrances iconic.

CK One is particularly noteworthy. Green tea, bergamot and cardamom give this classic scent a great starting point, from there the trio heart notes of violet, rose and nutmeg give you a spicy, aromatic and floral combination for the middle portion of this fragrance’s wear time.

Finally, the deep, sensual amber and musk notes come in last, providing great longevity and an enjoyable, masculine smell that’s noticeable long after the initial spritz.

The oversized 100ml bottle also means that you will get plenty of product for what you’ve paid, and it’s such an affordable price that won’t reduce the width of your wallet or bank account. Coupling the low cost with this Eau de Toilette’s endurance, the conclusion is that it’s a great value option for those looking for a new addition to their scent collection. Perhaps it could even be your new signature scent?

Fresh Scent That’s Long Lasting and Versatile

Yves Saint Laurent – YSL Y

Yves Saint Laurent’s YSL Y is a bright fragrance with layers of complexity which will keep everyone standing close to you guessing what happens next in your fragrance’s journey as the notes take turns of blooming and dispersing.

Zesty lemon and bergamot, fiery ginger and revitalising mint form the top notes that make for a vibrant beginning to this energetic aroma. This becomes an altogether floral, aromatic fragrance when the middle notes of sage, geranium and violet leaf make their appearance, gliding in like an elegant summer breeze.

Ambergris, musk, cedar and vetiver together might have a heady effect on anyone who smells you as the base notes take charge and provide the long lasting aroma that’s detectable long after the other notes have diffused.

YSL Y is great for warmer temperatures and perfect when you need something full of character yet suitable for any daytime occasion that you might attend. This is the kind of scent that is so distinctive, you could be chatting with a group of people and have someone pick your aroma out from the mingling of others and ask the question of who smells fantastic.

So if you’re on the hunt for an aftershave that will get compliments, last a long time and ensure you feel like you got great value for money, YSL Y is perfect.

Citrus Notes Make This Aroma Stand Out

CopyCat Fragrances – Just Neroli (Neroli Portofino dupe)

Do you prefer to have a scent with invigorating freshness over deep and brooding? Would you like to feel like you’ve just stepped into a Mediterranean field of wildflowers and budding citrus fruit?

If you answered yes to these things, you need a fragrance that has the beneficial zest of bitter orange and Sicilian lemon. You want something that smells fantastic with varied floral notes and an overall enduring, citrusy scent.

Neroli Portofino is that fragrance that you need. Well, at least without the gigantic price tag which won’t have you feeling too full of sunshine when you see it that is!

Just Neroli is a dupe of Neroli Portofino that has been formulated to smell identical and even better, it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much.

Get that same Italian lemon zest from this sunshine friendly fragrance that is potentially one of the best colognes for men. This is an Eau de Parfum that will grab attention, having you and everyone smelling you reminded of the satisfaction a summer medley can bring.

Despite this vibrancy, this fragrance does have a more mature, masculine side also. The right amount of musk mallow, angelica and amber provide a virile, gratifying element to this otherwise playful scent.

If you’re looking for something that is a lively, endorphin-inducing ray of sunshine with that touch of masculinity which balances out the freshness of the citrus notes, Just Neroli is for you.

Sensual Fragrance That’s The Perfect Evening Scent

Givenchy – Gentleman

If you’re in need of an evening scent that oozes sophistication and smells effortlessly glamorous, this elegant Eau de Toilette is a great shout. The soft edge of violet leaf gives a delicate dab of masculine opulence, orris and cinnamon provide a warm spicy undertone and black vanilla delivers a deliciously dark sweetness.

If you like woody notes in your scent, this will be a savoury treat for your senses. It smells intense and stunningly passionate, you might find that it gives those close to you a heady effect as it makes its way to their nose.

This sensual fragrance is truly deserving to be on any man’s rotation of scents. This is especially true for their evening scents and the special occasions where things might be getting a little up close and personal.

In times like that, you need a fragrance that reiterates your feelings with its intoxicating, sensual scent. So if that sounds like what you need, Gentleman is your man.

Sophisticated Scent and Amazing Value

Dior – Sauvage

When a scent has such legendary status as what Sauvage does, it really should go into the fragrance hall of fame. This stunning, versatile fragrance is considered a firm favourite by so many men around the world and for good reason.

The sharpness of pink pepper, the heat of Sichuan pepper, the ruggedness of vetiver and the fruity aromatic combination of geranium, Sauvage has everything a man could ever want from a scent.

Sauvage will evoke the pleasure of stepping out into unspoilt nature, the wide open spaces and beautiful greens of a mountainous terrain.

A hit of Sauvage to your skin will deliver this bold scent to the pleasure receptors of your brain like the rush from creamy chocolate might as it melts on your tongue. It’s not just you that will be able to savour the divine notes on offer, the noses of those close by will also get to enjoy wave after wave of the stunning sillage that Sauvage brings.

With such a popular, bold scent on display, expect compliments. Oh so many compliments for any Sauvage wearer. What a way to get an instant confidence boost no matter the situation!

Sauvage is very much the epitome of masculinity. It’s the self sufficient, ripped man who scales mountains but also has the level of charming sophistication that will have everyone hanging onto every single word he says.

Virility has a name, that name is Sauvage.

Wait for the Divine Pleasure You Get as You Spritz it On Your Skin

The Essence Vault – 189 (One Million dupe)

One Million was the golden boy of the late 2000s, adored by men and their partners alike, although it is really more bad boy than conforming and generic.

It includes a leather note which gives it a rebellious twang, whilst the white floral gives an enjoyable light element to the scent. The exotic warmth of amber seeps through and patchouli contributes its earthy, woody aroma to the overall smell.

Everything about One Million communicated luxury, the gold bar bottle design, the deluxe notes used and the delicious scent. The effortless cool edge balances the finery of this high quality golden oldie. One Million is very much a people pleaser, it will draw compliments everywhere you go and have people ask you what you’re wearing frequently.

If you want something that could be worn as a go-to, a signature scent with a smattering of attitude and plenty of sleek sophistication, you’ve got One Million.

Whilst the name and bottle emanate a one million cost, you really needn’t spend that. The price is very affordable and you will get plenty of value for your money with this stunning, chic aroma.

Men’s Fragrances Don’t Get Much Better Than This

Match Fragrances – Influence (Bleu dupe)

Bleu is a heavyweight of the fragrance world. There’s no words to describe the beauty of this virile scent that is entirely versatile, being appropriate to be worn for any time of day, night or the year. Whilst it’s a stunning all-rounder that you will certainly get a lot of value out of, it’s still very expensive and not budget-friendly considering the current economic climate.

Influence is a dupe from Match Fragrances that smells very similar to Bleu and will still give that same experience, minus the large price tag.

The slightly spicy pink pepper, earthy nutmeg and citrus top notes provide that same intial experience as you first spray Influence to your pulse points. A little bit of this on your shirt collar will go a long, long way and you will be smelling it for hours to come.

This scintillating scent will take all smelling it into their own little euphoric state as the citrus and spicy ensemble of notes make for an intoxicating start.

Cedarwood, ginger and jasmine provide an exciting mid-journey to this indulgent fragrance and the luxurious base notes of frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli and labdanum deliver a deluxe, long lasting finale to this superlative fragrance.

If you’re feeling a little Bleu and want to treat yourself, Influence is an optimal selection. You get the same designer smell, without paying the high end cost.

Functional Fragrance with Classic Scent

Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male

Scents don’t get much more recognisable than Le Male from Jean Paul Gaultier. The sleek bottle design of a sculptured, muscular torso is absolutely iconic. The scent itself is clean, masculine and somewhat sweet.

Deep herbaceous Tonka bean which has an indulgent nutty flavour and fresh orange blossom give the aroma an interesting, complex smell that will be thoroughly enjoyed by every single nose that it wafts past.

The sensual notes giving this delightfully virile yet crisp, fresh scent mean that it’s perfect for night time occasions and the long lasting durability of the base notes mean that you get so much more out of each spritz.

Le Male is still considered a staple value men’s fragrance for very good reason, it smells deluxe, is long lasting and will give you the assurance that you smell great no matter the situation.

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